A bit about Avondale….

From the time clay pits and brick factories lined Belmont Avenue, attracting waves of hard-working immigrants, Avondale has been known as “the neighborhood that built Chicago”.  Avondale maintains its working class roots today, while also serving as an incubator for artists and emerging businesses, making it a representative slice of “true Chicago”.

 Avondale has a unique identity, reflected in its people.  You don’t move here to be like everyone around you, but to be in a place where families, artists, business owners, and students all mingle.  Our churches offer services in four languages, grocers import goods from around the world, and one can eat at restaurants specializing in authentic cuisine from Poland, Romania, Ecuador or Russia, just to name a few.  We are a diverse community, and the Avondale Neighborhood Association unites businesses and citizens in common goals.

Olson Rug Falls Top

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